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Flocker the Flamingo

Flocker is who we all want to be. She doesn’t always have it together but she sees a positive in no matter what is happening. Living by the saying fake ittil you make it, winging it through each day and making life work for her.
Even when she does mess up, she gets up, dusts herself off, owns it and moves on. She gives ‘no flocks’ if people know she’s not perfect. In fact, she has realised that not being perfect is what makes her more amazing.
Speaking of no flocks, if she wants to sit down and have a rosé in the middle of *witching hour she’ll damn well have one.

*Witching Hour

The time in the afternoon when the kids are hungry, you’re hungry, they’re whinging, you’re whinging and everyone needs a bath. You have no idea what to make for dinner and everything you think of you don’t have the ingredients for. Yeah, that time.

And you know what? If she doesn’t have wine because her kid decided to have a public tantrum while grocery shopping and made it impossible to duck into the bottle shop, she makes a ⒸMumjito (Mum-he-toe). To make a ⒸMumjito you pour sparkling water in a fancy glass with lime juice and clapped mint and imagine sitting at a swim-up bar in Bali.