Daydreaming,  Workplace

Once upon a daydream

I was sitting at work this day and a family came in with a cute little kid singing Twinkle, twinkle, then it was in my head and I couldn’t get it out. Every time I’d drift off into daydream there it was. I worked for an airline at the time and we’d had delays and cranky people to deal with all day. Everyone seems to think they are the only ones inconvenienced by delays and become Susan asking for the manager (no offence Susan, we’ve all been there). Whilst Susan was blaming me directly for morning fog in Melbourne two states away that caused a rolling delay and single-handedly ruining her day my mind drifted off to Twinkle, twinkle again.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. Take me to the closest bar”.

I can’t take credit for that line because I’m almost certain I’ve seen it on a shirt or a meme before. But it sparked a thought, I sorted out Susan and 3 more Susan’s, and there it started. The rhymes just kept coming and by the end of my shift I had made my mind up that I was doing this, I was going to write this book. As a mum I needed this book to exist, every mum needs this book to exist and it’s my duty to get it to them!

Now, I have a lot of crazy ideas come into my head while day dreaming (cat wine anyone?). So before I got too excited, I ran it passed all my friends and my kids and pretty much anyone who would listen and everyone’s reaction was positive. I had no idea how much work it would be and how much I would learn about so many things I’d never even knew were part of making this happen but step by step it all fell into place and here I am.