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Ring a Ring a Rosé

Title: Ring a Ring a Rosé

Author: Michelle Anderstarr

Publication Date: 4th April 2020

Publisher: No Flocks Publishing

ISBN Hardcover: 978-0-6486693-0-2

Retail Price AUD: $3.99 | $16.99 | $24.99

Available In: ebook | paperback | hardcover

Genre: Parenting | Humor | Picture Book


Sung to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot

Vodka in my teapot, yes, it’s true.

I’ve cleaned up the vomit, and I’ve cleaned up the poo.

When I finished cleaning, I found you,

drinking water from the loo.

Are bedtime stories getting you down? This one is sure to be your new favourite.

Follow Flocker the Flamingo as she mums her way through the day with the help of a little rosé.

Is she your spirit animal?

Nursery rhymes for today’s busy mums are here and they couldn’t come soon enough.

Traditional nursery rhymes are full of inappropriate content for kids, yet we’ve sung them for years. This book is a fun tweak on the originals which will help you finish off a long day of parenting.

You don’t know the words, but you do know the tune, so sing along as if you wrote them yourself. The kids will wonder why you suddenly love reading time more, and you’ll find yourself singing them when the kids aren’t even around. 

Ring a Ring a Rosé is a children’s picture book for adults channelling Adam Mansbach’s Go The F*** to Sleep, yet PG enough to read to your little ones.


Michelle’s book, ‘Ring a Ring a Rose’ offers readers a hilarious twist on children’s nursery rhymes and was inspired by Adam Mansbach’s ‘Go The F*** To Sleep’, yet is PG enough to share with your children.

Core Life Magazine

Michelle Anderstarr writes verses with the sense of longing for a respite from the arduous vocation of motherhood.

The selection of tweaked nursery rhymes still manages to have a wholesome touch with its added bonus of finding a character named Flocker Flamingo on each page. Ring a Ring a Rosé is a temporary, imaginative escape from the demands of modern motherhood. For all the moms who deserve a break from their demanding tasks at home, this little book is surely something every tired mother deserves.

Vincent Dublado from Readers’ Favorite

What a fun way to take the going to bed “drag” out of it! Relax and kick back and sing some tunes. 
I found your book Fun and yet relaxing, wanting to sing with a colourful experience!! I found myself looking for the little Flocker on each page. 

Sandy Richardson

Bio for Re-use

Michelle Anderstarr is a professional mum with over twenty-two years’ experience, having successfully raised her kids to be pretty awesome adults. She lives in her Little Blue House in North Queensland, Australia, with her husband Paul, and fur babies, Koda the dog and Princess Leia the cat. Michelle has two grown up boys, Blake and Zak, and two stepchildren, Safiyah and Maalik. She brought the boys up as a young single mum and was that mum riding on the BMX track and in the playground with them. They grew up watching The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie every Sunday, and they sat down for dinner together every night at 6pm when The Simpsons came on. This book is a celebration of getting them to adulthood. Follow her journey on her author website at and find out what other exciting adventures Flocker the Flamingo is up to on Instagram @ringaringa_rose_aye and Facebook @Ringaringarosé.