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So, what is this book?

At first I found it quite hard to describe Ring a Ring a Rosé, it looks like a kids book but then there’s a wine glass on the front cover. So I describe it as a children’s picture book , for mums. For tired mums, that could do with a wine. And couldn’t we all at times?

Three Tired Mums

Sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice

Three tired mums, three tired mums.

None of them can run, none of them can run.

They haven’t slept in quite a time.

They push to the front of the coffee line.

Hurry up or they’ll have to have wine.

They’re three tired mums.

While nursery rhymes are the core of the book, there is also a message in the introduction with tips on how I coped when everything got crazy. The fact that we are all in this together and none of us really know what we are doing.

We’re doing our best is what we are doing!

Speaking of nursery rhymes, these guys have always been inappropriate. They speak of a mother dangerously suspending her baby in an unstable tree branch then rocking it ’til it falls down. The mutilation of 3 little mice. Poor Jack cracking his head open and mum gets out vinegar and brown paper to fix it. The carrying of bunches of herb flowers to drown out the smell of death, then sneezing until you fall over and die!

We all sung them as kids, and then sung them again to ours.

These rhymes could be seen as inappropriate too, yes for sure. But we’re singing them to little ones that don’t know that yet, just like we didn’t clue onto the black plague reference, and the child and animal abuse from our traditional nursery rhymes that have been with us since the dawn of time.

It is however, a fine line between thinking you’re drinking sensibly around your children, and then having them asking to have their juice in a wine glass (this happened). Yes it’s about mum’s drinking wine, but it’s more about parenting being hard, and mum guilt, and sometimes you should give yourself a minute. Make time to go on a date night with your partner, go on girls nights out. Just do something to be you, as well as your kid’s slave mum.

I don’t think any one of us could ever imagine just how hard it is being a Mum. It’s hard but we love it, it’s sometimes hard to love it. So think of this book as a little help in hard times, a little pat on the back to you, the mum. Because we’re all just doin’ our best.

Now go and grab yourself a drink, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!