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You had me at Rosé

I was never a wine drinker. Drinking cask Fruity Lexia when I was a teenager delayed my wine palate quite a bit. I wanted to like wine so much, I tried to learn more about it. Unfortunately, I tend to just remember random facts rather than useful information. Like how an Englishman invented the wine bottle in the 1600s having previously been stored in bags made of goat’s skin. And how you can get wine flavoured Kit Kats in Japan.

I had to try a lot of wine to get to one that I actually enjoyed, it was a hard job, but I got there. Now I have a notes folder on my phone with names and photos of bottle labels. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect sweet/dry balance to suit and then never being able to find it again.

It’s easy to like the expensive $50+ bottles, Veuve, Moet & Chandon, yum. The real skill though is finding one that’s in the lower price range, the cheap but not nasty type. I started on a pink Moscato, Gossips Sweet Lips $4.49 (where was this when I was drinking Fruity Lexia?). All the sweet ones, Asti Spumante NV by Riccadonna $10.49, Dolce Syrah by Brown Brothers $12.99 and Crimson Cabernet by Banrock Station $6.65. Then all of a sudden they were all too sweet so I was on the lookout for a new rotation. 

That’s when I found rosé. 

To be completely honest, a pretty bottle gets me every time. And really, rose-aye just rolls off the tongue and you need no imagination to see you and your girls, day drinking away on a rooftop bar til sunset where everyone wears floral and a felt hat. That’s where Rosé All Day was born. I was gifted a bottle of La Plancheliére Cabernet d’Anjou Rosé $13.99 and fell in love with it’s perfect sweet/dry balance and it has been my go-to ever since. Also, like Marius Peyol Cotes de Provence Rosé $13.99 and Barton & Guestier AOC Rose d’Anjou $10. The search continues, there is no rush, so much to learn.

Please if you have suggestions comment below, I’d love to know what’s on your list. 

And if you happen to own a vineyard, we should talk! 

**Prices are a guide taken from Uncle Dan’s

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