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Launch Party for One!

So my big Launch Party with the girls was cancelled and I was ok about it, kind of. I had everything ready to go and it was just going to be a fun night with great music, good wine and an awesome bunch of friends. We are definitely still having this night, it just won’t be a Launch Party, it will just be a party!

I looked at all of the deco’s and my boxes of new shiny books and thought stuff it, I’m going to have it anyway. Firstly I poured myself a rosé, (I brought 20 bottles of it for the party) I set it all up out the back and then went inside and did my hair and makeup. My husband doesn’t question what I do very often but I think he thought I’d finally lost it this time. I told him he wasn’t invited for making fun of me but he had to take some photos. There was a lot of rosé and not much food as I had just had a tooth out and couldn’t really eat anything. So I was quite rosé’d and there are a lot of photos, I didn’t like any of them (of course) but picked out a few that were mildly acceptable.

Anyway, I had a great night and my book is officially on the market! It is good to have it out there and I’m absolutely stoked with how well it is selling, I’m on a first-name basis with the Post Office staff sending off books every day and have even convinced them to let me have my book in there for sale so that makes it 5 shops so far. I’ve also just been featured on IngramSparkBooks Instagram account for my Launch Party so that’s exciting too!

I think this calls for a cheers.

“It matters not if the wine glass is half empty or half full, clearly there’s room for more, cheers!”.

UPDATE – I’ve been so lucky to have been featured on IngramSparkBooks Instagram

Also asked to be a Guest Blogger for IngramSpark Blog

and also featured in our local Core Life Magazine for my launch story.