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Exciting NEWS

I was so nervous about putting my first book out to the public. My sales have been amazing and well above expectations and I am getting great feedback. All of my friends and family love it, but they would love it even if it was just kinda ok (and I love them for that)!

But, I needed to know how it shaped up to a real book, from someone who has no idea who I am and has no reason to like it. So I went searching for a professional reviewing site and found Readers’ Favorite. This company gives free of charge unbiased reviews of books that can take up to 3 or so months to come back to you, or you can pay a fee to get it within 2 weeks.

So I shamelessly paid!

I needed this now (and that’s how they make money). I submitted the request and tried to forget about it. That wasn’t very successful because I found myself checking it every damn day. Anyway, last night I got the email saying it had been completed. I was excited and scared at the same time and sat down ready to read my fate. If this was terrible then what was I even doing?


A 5-star detailed review that seemed to have honed in on everything I wanted people to get from it. Vincent Dublado, who I don’t imagine to be a mum, therefore not really part of my target audience just nailed all the parts I needed him to notice. I will post the review in full in ‘Books’ tab if you are interested in reading it. Let me know what you think!

Speaking of reviews, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO important for your book mojo! Please if you have time, leave me a review, if you have more time leave the same one on lots of places! Facebook, here on the website, The Book Depository, Booktopia, Amazon! Amazon would be amazing as it boosts my street cred and gets my book more visible in searches. I’ve found it comes up first if you search for it using my name and not the book title, I’m working on getting that sorted too. I’d be very grateful for any honest feedback. Thanks so much for your support! x